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Nothing interesting... wait, look at my drawing!

2008-11-18 20:20:44 by Malade12

I was so sad when I saw that crying face telling me I had not posted any news yet... I had to write one. Here's my first post!

Here's a picture I made in math class, following an advice from our teacher saying "Your formula must have style" that meant simplify it..... but anyway, I came up with the idea of "Pimp my algebra" with that... by the way, the colours were made on computer by my girlfriend, and a little bit improved.... maybe I'll post the original somewhere but.... who cares? XD

Oh by the way, it's written in french, and if you have difficulties to read it, it's "Pimp mon algèbre X2zibit" (the 2 is in.... you know it's an exposant or whatever you call it in english XD)

Nothing interesting... wait, look at my drawing!


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2008-11-18 21:24:49

Exponent. And a fine drawing it is.

Have a good day.

Malade12 responds:

Thanks a lot for teaching me the "exponent" spelling, really :) Have a nice day too.


2008-11-24 20:17:20

Vive les fr.

Malade12 responds:

Yeah! Mais je viens du Québec, moi :) (enfait je n'en viens pas, j'y suis toujours)


2009-01-04 14:52:56



2009-05-11 11:33:20

Bonjour, mon nom est Josh. Et toi? :)


2009-08-22 19:06:18

Ahaha c'est rare qu'on voit quelqu'un du Québec ici. Surtout quelqu'un du Québec qui parle bien l'anglais. Hmm... Je l'ai trouvée ben drole la joke de Pimp mon algèbre XD Surtout en tant qu'étudiante au secondaire =/

Malade12 responds:

Si t'avais vu Pimp mon Iroquois, tu aimerais mieux tes cours d'histoires aussi...XD merci pour le compliment sur mon anglais.